I am running for the Ohio US House 13th District GOP nomination in the pre-loaded, long before the ballot was set, Ohio GOP Primary on March 19, 2024. My mission statement is The Defense of Our Representative Republic. The first action Item is the reduction of Federal Spending aimed at the Larceny against our Republic and the closing of our borders and all points of entry concurrent with cutting aid to offending nations by 5% adjusted deeper every 3 months per non-compliance www. morckelforcongress.com ...thus far on my dime.

About Me

Best Congress Candidate from Akron

First, at last the Jan. 6th Videos have been released by the new Speaker of the US House, Mike Johnson, therefore a new January 6th Congressional ...

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My Commitment to Diabetes Medicine

As I stand before you as a dedicated "Defender of Our Republic" and a Republican, I hold a resolute commitment to championing accessible healthcare, ...

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Preserving Sovereignty & Security

Allow me to share my unwavering commitment: I stand firm in my resolve to safeguard our nation's borders and continue the construction of the Wall. I ...

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President Trump in 2024!

Before the COVID-19 hit, with TRUMP we built the world’s most prosperous economy, had rising promise and opportunity across the board, jobs with manufacturing comeback, and tax relief.

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